Just as every other technology around you has been changing, so has cosmetic dentistry.

Express Smiles™ brings you a revolutionary new procedure offering a non-invasive method that permanently straightens crowded or misaligned teeth more rapidly than traditional braces.

To be dressed for success, a winning wardrobe must include a beautiful smile.

Why? Because...

  • Your smile is a major factor in first, and lasting, impressions.
  • Your smile is a confidence builder, both yours, and for others you work and live with.
  • Your bold, confident smile is an essential networking tool.
  • Your smile speaks for you before you ever say a word.

And, don't forget about the happiness factor. You cannot be anything but happy as long as there is a smile on your face.

How long have you been embarrassed, or just simply dissatisfied with some imperfection of your smile? Now is the perfect time to make your life happier and eliminate problems that prevent a beautiful smile.

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The Express Smiles™ Advantage

Express Smiles™ magic will give you a stunning smile!


Express Smiles™ advanced orthodontic technology

Small, comfortable braces are hidden inside the mouth during treatment.

Technology of the stars

Many movie actors use this same treatment to quickly straighten their valuable smiles.

Treatment flexibility

For best results, some patients may require braces outside the teeth. In these cases, Express Smiles™ offers specially designed brackets that are very small and blend in with the color of each tooth making them virtually invisible.

Fast, Convenient, Cost Effective

Your new smile will be a beautiful bargain.

Express Smiles™ procedures are much less expensive because there are no extra costly appointments. Work is performed in the practice of a certified Express Smiles provider, and no referral is required.

Treatment time is considerably shorter and more predictable.

Ask your dentist today about Express Smiles, the quick and easy way to create a truly attractive smile. Also please visit our FAQ page where you will find answers to common questions. Frequently Asked Questions