I was so self-conscious of my crooked teeth, but I did not want traditional braces and the 2 years I thought it would take. I assumed I was too old for braces and I felt I would feel embarrassed with silver braces on my teeth. When I was told I could have the lingual hidden braces and it would only take 2 to 4 months, I was really happy! Of course I said YES. It was a dream come true. The treatment was painless and in only 3 ½ months, I had straight beautiful teeth!! 
age 43 — Toronto, Canada
I deal with the public in my job and I was reluctant to smile with my crooked teeth. I was amazed with the short treatment time and the low cost. Now I smile all of the time! It is remarkable what straight teeth can do to build your self-confidence! Thank you Express Smiles™! 
age 36 — Hollywood, CA
I had a missing front tooth. I felt trapped, there was not enough room for an implant and I was embarrassed to go out in public. My dentist suggested Express Smiles™ to make room for an implant and correct my smile. She also suggested I straighten my lower teeth as well. She said it would only take about 4 months. She even used cosmetic braces so no one knew I had them on, and it was very affordable. I now have the BEST Smile ever!! 
age 67 — Boston, MA