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What is Express Smiles™?

Express Smiles™ is a simple, turn key treatment process developed specifically for your adult patients.

There are literally millions of adults spanning all age groups and ethnic backgrounds who are afraid to smile because they are embarrassed by crooked teeth. You will find these adults in your practice. Many of these patients have orthodontic relapse, while others just did not have the money for orthodontic care when they were younger.

These patients are often hesitant to ask about straightening their teeth, mostly because they believe that straightening teeth will take 24–36 months or even longer and that it will be at great expense.

Imagine their delight and joy when they find out they can have their front teeth straightened in 2–4 months with minimal expense and as few as 2–4 visits to your office!

We invite you to read on and find out the details of becoming an Express Smiles Certified Provider.

Here are some very important facts about Express Smiles Treatment
  1. It is Cosmetic Orthodontics for the six anterior teeth
  2. Doctor, you do not need previous orthodontic experience to implement Express Smiles™ in your practice
  3. Express Smiles™ Treatment does not change the bite or affect the TMJ. It is totally safe for the patient and practitioner.
  4. The Express Smiles™ Support Team guides and supports you while you create Truly Beautiful Smiles© in 2 to 4 months.

As an Express Smiles™ Certified Provider you will be among a select group of Dental Professionals with the ability to practice this groundbreaking technique. As a select Express Smiles™ Certified Provider your practice will be associated with the Worldwide Branding of Express Smiles™ and will benefit from the multimedia advertising to the public.

The benefits of becoming an Express Smiles™ Certified Provider include:
  • Your patients receive Truly Beautiful Smiles© in only two to four months
  • Providing an Affordable Professional Solution for your patients
  • Using a Minimally Invasive Technique which demands very little chair time
  • Delivering Safe and Quick Treatment that provides your patient with the smile they deserve
  • Only Express Smiles Certified Providers can carry out procedures making you an elite practitioner.

It has been our experience that each Express Smiles™ Certified Provider leaves the Hands-On training session experienced in the technique, having all of their questions answered, and receiving the confidence to implement Express Smiles™ in their practice. Most importantly the Express Smiles Provider knows that the team will be with them on their first case and will support them on every case. The Support Team is available by phone and email at any time.